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Another old, hanging story that needs to be completed … I wrote Part 1 in March 2015, and I never added the update until today.

Actually, the windscreen and side-curtains were completed in November 2017. I picked them up from the canvas shop Thanksgiving weekend — and Halcyon was “on the hard,” stored ashore for the winter, when I fitted them to check them out, and took these photos.

And here’s a photo of Halcyon under sail, taken from a similar Bristol 29.9 on the Rhode River, the following summer:


The dodger is big enough to shelter under, out of the rain … but I confess, I don’t go sailing in rainy weather. I really should get used to it.

More to the point, it completes all of the improvements I wanted to add — except, maybe, to install a cold-plate refrigerator in the boat’s icebox ….

There’s a saying among boaters: “There’s always something to fix, on a boat. Once you’ve got everything fixed, there’s still something to improve or add to the boat. And once you’ve added everything you want, and have the boat completely fixed up the way you want it … then it’s time to get another boat to fix up.”

(Not that I intend to do so. Halcyon is all the boat I need, for what I’m doing — knocking around the Chesapeake Bay.)

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This afternoon’s log-in to Runa Skarbo’s WordPress blog reminded me that I haven’t done anything with THIS blog for a long, long time. And looking back through my old posts, here, I see that I’ve failed to blog A LOT of my life — including some life-changing events and some really good times.

I didn’t post anything about getting shipwrecked in December 2012, which has changed my mind about actually sailing “beyond the Sunset” … nor about my first visit to Thailand in December 2014, which led to more than a dozen trips to the Far East, and even to a six-week “trial Expat” stay on Subic Bay in the Philippines. Nothing about how I got back into scuba-diving — got excited with it, again — and I’ve been making it the focus of my vacations, with 250-plus dives in the past five years. And nothing about the passing of my Dear Demented Auntie, who finally shuffled off this mortal coil in 2017 … though I wouldn’t dwell on that; Death came to her as a friend, and a blessing.

I’ve had some mind-changing experiences, withal … the sinking of the Palenque, 100 miles south of Grand Cayman, was an indelible reminder that we cannot be sure of seeing the next sunrise. (To be honest, I saw my next sunrise from the deck of the container-ship that came to our rescue, the M/V Cap Domingo!) It also left me more timid about the idea of “sailing away” across the Seven Seas … and more in the mind-set of “Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think!”

And when I look back through this blog, and especially at the not-yet-posted posts in my “waiting” queue, I realize that I’ve changed my world-view; I’m not quite the firebrand for MGTOW that I was at the start of the Twenty-Teens. Maybe I’ve grown … maybe I’ve just gotten tired … or maybe I’ve gotten to (and past) the end-product of the MGTOW process, because I am — definitely, and comfortably — Going My Own Way.

I’m surprised there are still a few people “following” this blog. I’m grateful to WordPress, that they didn’t just delete it and free-up the disk-space. And I’m going to make a tentative promise, to get back into it and give you something to follow.

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